Full sandwiches come with chips and a pickle.

Breads: ciabatta, wheat, marble rye.

Cheeses: cheddar, pepper jack, Swiss, American.

Veggies: lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber.

Sauces: mayo, mustard, chipotle mayo, honey mustard, horseradish mustard, chili stone ground mustard.

Add hummus to any sandwich for 60 cents. Extra cheese, sauce, etc 60 cents Double meat $2 extra Make your sandwich a wrap for 60 cents extra

Ham, Turkey, or Roast Beef - $7.00

Your choice of bread, cheese, veggies, sauce.

Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, or Egg Salad - $7.00

Your choice of bread and veggies. Can also be served on a lettuce leaf, no bread.

Veggie - $7.00

Cucumber, tomato, lettuce, red onion, cheese. Great with hummus!! Add roasted red peppers for .60 cents.

Firehouse Turkey Wrap - $7.50

Turkey served with our own chipotle slaw and cucumbers. Spicy!

Show-Me Sandwich - $7.50

Chicken breast sandwich with your choice of one of the Show-Me Shop’s own mustards.

Mediterranean Sandwich - $7.50

Chicken breast, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, and pesto on a ciabatta bun.

Half PB & J - $3.50

Grape or strawberry jelly.

Half sandwich with chips - $5.00

Pick Two - $7.50/$8.50


Pick any two of the following:

* half sandwich

* cup of soup

* small salad



All salads come with crackers or a roll.

Dressings: Italian, ranch, poppyseed, lo-cal ranch, Caesar, honey mustard, lemon-oregano (house), French, thousand island, bleu cheese.

All dressings are served on the side.

Add chicken breast to any salad - $2.00

Extra dressing or sides 60 cents each

Garden - Sm $5.00, Lg $7.00

Lettuce with a variety of veggies, croutons, and choice of dressing.

Caesar - Sm $5.00, Lg $7.00

Lettuce, red onion, tomato, croutons, Italian cheese, Caesar dressing.

Greek - Sm $5.00, Lg $7.00

Lettuce, black olives, tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, with lemon-oregano dressing.

Chef - Sm $6.00, Lg $8.00

Lettuce, cheese, turkey, ham, tomato, carrots, cucumber, egg, choice of dressing.

The “Ste. Gen” Chef - Sm $6.00, Lg $8.00

Lettuce, carrots, tomato, cucumber, egg, Oberle sausage, Oberle cheese, Oberle pork loin, choice of dressing.

Mediterranean Salad - Sm $6.00, Lg $8.00

Lettuce, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, chicken breast, with a special pesto dressing.

Cafe Fruit Mix - Sm $5.00, Lg $7.00

Fruit served on a bed of lettuce. Poppyseed dressing served on the side.


Quiche and Soups

Selection varies daily.

Quiche served with choice of garden salad, fruit cup, or a cup of soup. $7.50 (Upgrade your garden salad to a chef, Ste. Gen chef, or Mediterranean for $1.)

Soup - Cup $3.00 or Bowl $5.00


Breakfast items (served until 11am)
Quiche served with a fruit cup and cinnamon coffee cake - $7.50

Oatmeal - $2.50 with 2 sides, additional sides 50 cents each (no charge for brown sugar)

raisins, pecans, dried cranberries, banana slices, apple chunks, granola

Bagel with cream cheese - $2.00

Bagel with cream cheese, granola, and honey - $3.00

Bagel with peanut butter, granola, and honey - $3.00

Baked French toast served with a fruit cup - $6.50 (when available)

Pastries vary daily


(Free refills on tea, coffee & lemonade)
Unsweetened iced tea - $1.50
Ginger peach iced tea - $1.50
Lemonade - $1.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite
Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper - $1.00/can
Arnold Palmer - $1.50
Coffee - $1.50
Hot Chocolate - $2.00
Hot Tea - $1.50
Cappuccino - $2.75
Latte - $2.75
Mocha - $3.25
Cafe au Lait - $2.25
Americano - $2.25
Espresso - single $1.00 double $1.50
Espresso con panna - $1.50
Espresso macchiato - $1.50
Chai Latte - $2.75
Order pies, cakes, and cookie trays for any occasion

Pickup orders available for luncheon groups of any size. Just call ahead - we get it ready, you pick it up



Monday through Friday: 6:30am-4pm

Saturday: 8am-4pm

Sunday: closed

Full lunch menu served until 3:30pm

Feel free to call in your order for pick-up.

Sorry we do not deliver.

10% senior citizen discount every day

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Menu items and prices subject to change at any time.